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These are articles I posted on my Tumblr blog but also  want to share them here.

Sci-fi About.com article :  I do hope Jonas had fun screaming at the blue-screens and dying a horrible death (unless he miraculously survives?) ;p

Interview with ‘David Chokachi’ : Got it via Google alert =) It’s an interview with the actor who plays ‘Jonas’ the character (David Chokachi) but he does mention ‘our’ Jonas lol

“We also had Jonas Armstrong, who played Robin Hood on the BBC series, and he was fantastic. Everyone was just really, really good. They stuck to their guns as well as their instincts and played the reality of the situation. In the end we’re being chased by invisible monsters and the audience is watching this as entertainment and nothing anything else but. We’re not out there trying to sell this as Shakespeare in the Park. It’s fun and there’s something, I think, in it for everyone.”

Interview with David Hewlett & cast : Very kind words about Jonas =)

Preview Clips:
Mayday – Rage of the Yeti.
Get out of the way – Rage of the Yeti