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Not only the name of Episode 8 in Robin Hood series 1 but also uhm related to Jonas’s upper right arm artwork. When the stills came up for Twenty8K, I think everyone sort of thought all were done by the make-up team.

Then along came the stills for his episode of The Body Farm, where we could just glance at it beneath the rim of T-shirt. Since Jonas filmed his episode right after Twenty8K , I thought it could be left-over semi-permanent ink or something.

Finally with the screencaps of Rage of the Yeti it has become very clear it is Jonas’s own tattoo! Now to clear up the time-line I posted some images, and you’ll notice his tattoo isn’t visible in The Field of Blood, hence the surprise factor really.

Conclusion : he must have done it after filming Miss Marple and the Secret of Chimneys , either late 2009 or early 2010. (Yes it has taken THAT long for us to notice ROTFLOL). The fact that it is apparently easy to cover up for roles is reassuring! Jonas once mentioned he wanted a green leprechaun on his forearm when he was young, uhm quite glad he changed his mind ;p

What is the design?

‘Now here we are’ song lyric by Oasis (‘Columbia’ from the album Definitely Maybe 1994) & a large cross.

Rage of the Yeti (filmed January - March 2010)

The Field of Blood (filmed October - November 2010)

Twenty8K (filmed April - May 2011)

The Body Farm (filmed June 2011)