I’ve still have a lot to do on this site (adding pages for each of Jonas’s projects) but in meantime I’ve made some different headers. So as you browse the blog / site you should see a random one =)  Not all done yet either, as with the thousands of screencaps and  pics to choose from (over 5 years worth lol), it’s not that easy really but loving the browsing of course ;p

At some point there will be a gallery available but it will be a small one! There are many other sites and forums or livejournals where people have uploaded screencaps for Robin Hood – Teachers – Ghost Squad – Book of Blood – The Street etc.. in the past so it ‘s pointless to upload them all again here.

However I will of course post any new Jonas pics – stills and caps of his latest projects (Field of Blood , The Body Farm and Rage of the Yeti will be a priority 🙂 )

Thanks again for reading!