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This is the second part of the Twenty8K preview. During and after filming, online articles emerged with on set interviews and early galleries – stills as well. I’m going to compile the best ones here. Click on the links to read the full interviews!

May 14, 2011 Matthew Turner (@FilmFan1971) ViewLondon
Set visit blog and Jonas pics among many others =)

May 14, 2011 PyroMag on set visit (@AntonioPyromag)

After I asked Antonio on twitter if he could possibly take a picture of Jonas while doing the interview, he very gladly obliged! 😀

June 1, 2011 FilmJuice Twenty8K article
The importance of British Film

June 2 , 2011 Next to the Aisle Twenty8K blog
Interview with the producer Martin Carr (@Nooclar)

June 9, 2011 Seen-It. com (on set – interviews)
Jonas Armstrong:“I really can’t stress enough how difficult, yet how important it is to get home grown independent films off the ground, which are relevant to this day and age and relevant to our society in general.”

June 17 , 2011 Cine- View Twenty8K preview (on set – interviews)
Also the Twenty8K Poster!

Sky online Twenty8K gallery
Click on the link above to view stills from the film =)

Jonas as Clint O’Connor (promo-shot)
Click on the link for full image (Thank you again Martin! @Nooclar)

Jonas on his last day on set of Twenty8K
Click on the link for full image (all credit to the lovely Martin @Nooclar who posted this one for  Jonas fans everywhere =) )

Twenty8K production design gallery stills
You’ll find lots more stills when you click the link but these two are with Jonas as Clint O’Connor (notice his real tattoo ;p ).