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As we all know 31 of December is always a bit special since not only do we celebrate New Year’s Eve, at 00. 01 am on January 1st we also wish Jonas Armstrong a very Happy Birthday 😀

Time to take stock of 2011 & it has really been a very good year career wise! He’s never been as busy since 2009, with 2010 being a rather dull year.

First came Twenty8k! This was mainly the reason why I joined twitter in first place back in April to follow the tweets from cast, producers & crew. It really was tremendous fun to follow the filming process via twitter, how the night shoots were going, how the truck with equipment was being held back , the whole eating at Nando’s every day lol etc… You could truly get the positive vibe by reading the tweets by the lovely @Nigelsoundspeed and @Nooclar mixed in with the actors @ParminderNagra and @Nichola_Burley. I don’t think we will ever see Jonas on twitter as we know he sort of hates the internet anyway lol but it was very nice of the @Twenty8K team to keep us updated with what he was up to as well! =)

And not only did we get updates via twitter, we also got on set PICS posted by the producer Martin (@Nooclar) on several occasions, which we all very much appreciated! Not forgetting the on set visit by the movie-critics guys @FilmFan1971 & @AntonioPyromag who very kindly provided photos as well , after asking for some via twitter ;p.

Twenty8K is now in post-production and the team is still getting us updated via facebook, twitter and their own blog! The film is set to premiere in the UK sometime near May if all goes to plan & I for one can’t wait! 😀

During the Twenty8K shoot we got confirmation that The Glass House film was finished and also in post-production & got a brand new website! Now we all know The Glass House had many ups & downs since 2009! But things have settled this year and movie is set to be released in 2012! Once again via twitter @GlassHouseFilm very kindly provided behind the scenes on set pics, stills and not so long ago a brand new second trailer =)

So this means Jonas has 2 cinematic releases in 2012! 😀

Very soon after Jonas Armstrong finished shooting Twenty8K, he was back at work for the BBC to film an episode (S01.Ep05) of The Body Farm which reunited him with the good ol’ Sheriff of Nottingham Keith Allen =)

In the meantime Scotland was first in seeing The Field of Blood in May 2011. We were very much looking forward to this 2-episode series since October 2010, when it was announced. It was a powerful series which earned them several nominations at the Scottish Baftas and won an award for best actor (Jayd Johnson).

No rest for the wicked. Jonas had barely finished shooting the Body Farm or two more projects were announced: Prisoner’s Wives for the BBC & Hit & Miss for Sky Atlantic. The timeline of shooting what, when is a bit blurred as I think they were shot both very close together time-wise. Both filming in the North of England, I’m sure Jonas was able to commute between them if needed.

I almost forgot, or maybe I might uhm wish to forget ever so slightly lol, that in November Syfy released the TV Movie Rage of the Yeti. Which totally came out of the blue! It was filmed back in early 2010 without us having a clue…(sorry didn’t wish to rhyme!) I think the least is said about that , soon is mended LOL I hope Jonas had lots of fun filming it though! But an oscar or bafta winner it is not lets put it that way.

Which brings us neatly to the end of 2011 😀

So what’s next in 2012? Answer: a lot! =)

End of January to February: 6 episodes of Prisoners’ Wives. In May Sky Atlantic will air Hit & Miss: another opportunity to catch Jonas Armstrong on TV on a weekly basis. And of course the two cinematic releases : Twenty8K & The Glass House 😀

Hopefully Jonas will get even more projects to do in 2012, I still have everything crossed for him to do Copper, which he auditioned for! But we will have to wait & see…

To be sure 2012 is already set to be a very fine Jonas year 😀