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YAY BBC released week 05 schedule and here is Tiger Aspect’s Prisoners’ Wives 😀  Time & date to be confirmed yet by BBC.

Prisoners’ Wives Episode 1 to air on BBC One between 28 January & 3 February (but think it will air on a Monday or Tuesday at 9.00 pm).

Synopsis of the episode (do beware of SPOILERS!!!)

Prisoners’ Wives

Gemma’s perfect life comes crashing down when armed police storm her house and arrest her husband Steve on suspicion of murder. Alone, scared and plunged into an unknown world, Gemma struggles to make sense of the bewildering judicial system, but she’s certain of one thing: her husband’s innocence.

When Gemma visits Steve for the first time, she meets three other women: Francesca, a career criminal’s wife, Lou, a drug dealing young mum, and Harriet, a visitor who sits outside the prison – never venturing in. Each have their own story, their own secrets…

Gemma’s unshakeable belief in her husband turns to doubt and fear when she realises that he has no alibi. So Gemma searches a family caravan where she finds a gun. She confronts her husband, who tells her he did kill someone but it was a mistake, an accident…self defence. Gemma walks out, and away from her husband.

But when Gemma returns homes she finds that her house is flooding and turns to Francesca for help. A friendship is born and Gemma also realises that just because Steve killed someone doesn’t mean she has to leave him. Gemma stands by her man. But has she made the right decision?

Jonas Armstrong plays Steve; Emma Rigby plays Gemma; Polly Walker plays Francesca; Pippa Haywood plays Harriet; Natalie Gavin plays Lou.