Thanks to the lovely & amazing @Twenty8K who just keeps us fans updated throughout since April 2011, can say that new Twenty8K stills will be released as soon as…next week! 😀 (and a trailer to follow when it’s actually uhm made lol)

Cast & Crew are heading for the first screening this week, and before anyone gets any ideas… it’s indeed for cast & crew only! Sorry lol =p

(tweets from 16/01/ afternoon)

Twenty8K Twenty8K Movie  @Nikki_081 Hi Nikki, yes indeed we have a final cut of Twenty8K, just some post-production finishing touches left. Not long now 🙂

Twenty8K Twenty8K Movie @Nikki_081 we will try and release some new stills next week and we will let you know as soon as a trailer is available 🙂