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The BBC released week 7 schedule with details about Prisoners’Wives – Episode 3.

Same as with previous post about Episode 2: it does include SPOILERS!

Prisoners’ Wives

Harriet is distraught when she discovers that Gavin has been attacked in prison.

Harriet is desperate to help her son, but has to face the harsh fact that bullying is a reality of prison life. The only possible way to secure Gavin’s protection is to ‘buy off’ the bully with drugs. Harriet agrees to help Gavin, but where will she get drugs from and how will she smuggle them in?

Gemma’s eyes are opened as she realises her husband is still keeping secrets from her. Finding herself homeless, Francesca is forced to reach out to her estranged father and her family move into her childhood home. And Lou is put on alert after the school tell her that they have notified Social Services about Mason’s worrying behavioural changes.

Jonas Armstrong plays Steve, Emma Rigby plays Gemma, Polly Walker plays Francesca, Pippa Haywood plays Harriet, Natalie Gavin plays Lou.