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Morning everyone! 😀  It’s hard to keep up with google as lots of articles, previews etc are being posted all the time now lol

A good one is by Virgin Media (4/5 rating). Most other articles simply copy-paste what has already been said in others (see bottom of the page).

IMDB added Jonas to the cast list of Prisoners’ Wives =)

Also the BBC Prisoners’ Wives site has launched properly with a character profile of Steve Roscoe (note the added ‘e’ at the end lol compared to Jonas’s cv on Troika) and even a full 2 minute preview clip! =)

Managed to see it thanks to a friend but won’t post any caps of that one in case this time I do breach copyright stuff (yikes don’t want that!). All I will say is it’s bloody awesome to see Jonas as his charming cheeky self again! 😀

And before I forget: who else saw yet another new trailer last night? It aired right after The One Show and again later that evening! =) Hopefully it will also appear on youtube soon to share.