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The day has finally arrived! 😀 Yes in a few hours time tonight we’ll finally be able to enjoy Jonas Armstrong ‘s performance in Prisoners’ Wives! Will keep this post updated throughout the day to keep a tab on everything (tv interviews – radio – press)

First up was BBC Breakfast with Julie Gearey & Emma Rigby and a lovely lady who went through it all in real life. It really is a very interesting premise for a series & hope it will cause positive awareness and remove those social stigmas. They played a couple of clips, featuring Jonas. The first one needs a *swoon* warning lol We really haven’t seen this romantic sweet side of him since Robin Hood 😉 Nice to see he hasn’t uhm lost any of that boyish cheeky charm but even improved on it if that was possible lol. The fact is that he has been playing rather very serious characters since he left RH. And with Prisoners’ Wives even though it is a drama, it’s nice to see some room for smiles and laughs 😀

Watch again (until tomorrow!) HERE

I know it’s all a coincidence but I still have to smile about the fact this is the second time he plays ‘Steve’ and not only that paired up with a ‘Gemma’ lol  So for the ones who like to know more about ‘Losing Gemma‘ I put up a page and added some screen caps to the gallery too.  Also to make it even more fun, this is the third time! yes third time he has been paired up with a character named ‘Gemma’ (Losing  Gemma, The Street & now Prisoners’ Wives) 😀

Round midday Emma was on Channel 5: watch the clip HERE (no mention of Jonas though, but they did play a preview)

At 14.40 pm Emma Rigby on BBC Radio 5 Live  Very interesting interview with the lady of POPS and Emma about all the personal troubles that come with having a loved one in Prison. Jonas was only mentioned by name and the fact he appears in the show without wearing tights! ( 😉 honestly he never wore them in Robin Hood! lol ) but be careful they did talk a lot about ‘ Steve’ and blimey the SPOILERS were flying everywhere…