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So what’s the verdict on Prisoners ‘ Wives? Well I certainly really enjoyed it! 😀 And no not only cause of Jonas is in it (I can be brutally honest eg my Losing Gemma review). Was very impressed by the entire cast & was really interested in all their back-stories, so will be great to learn more the upcoming 5 weeks.


UPDATE 01/02 : Caps are up in the gallery

What about Steve then? Where to begin?!! Gosh poor Gemma, really felt for her and Emma did a brilliant job portraying the situation. It doesn’t look good though is it? 😦 I fear Steve has some more skeletons in his closet that’s for sure (not that he murdered more than 1 person) but…well there’s definitely more to it!

Jonas Armstrong: glad to have you back on the TV screens! 😉 Using that Robin Hood charm throughout wasn’t a bad start lol. This is his first acting role as someone who did a very bad thing, and will be interesting to see just how bad ‘Steve’ really is! For all we know Steve could have been the ringleader in the whole car trafficking thing and killed that other guy cause he wanted out.  So we’ll have to see how the story develops next week. Can’t wait!

Now the fun bits: will have to do it tomorrow but have so much stuff for the fangirl corner! LMAO  And did anyone else spotted the family photos of a very young Jonas in the caraven? How cool is that?! =)

Updated the Fangirl Corner ;p