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The BBC released a blogpost by Prisoners’ Wives writer Julie Gearey. Read it HERE  They also released the entire script of episode 1 in pdf format 😀  Download the script HERE

My review of Episode 2

As expected Jonas didn’t feature much in Episode 2, but he still looked his handsome self for the minute he was in lol. Also like that Sheffield accent he does =). We didn’t learn much more about Steve apart that he got his wife into serious trouble…Fair enough he was against her helping him for like a second, but he was really pleased she got rid of the gun all the same. And that preview for next week’s episode doesn’t fill me with confidence that Steve has been telling the truth. Lots of  kudos for making me jump in my seat during the scene where Gemma almost got caught with the gun btw! =D

Really enjoyed the story of Francesca and her husband Paul ‘ex-fiancé of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey’ 😉 Sorry lol but he truly reminded me of the same controlling behaviour he portrayed in Downton and just like Lady Mary, Francesca has had enough and chose to go it alone. Good on her!

Hope next week’s episode will continue to be just as entertaining as the hour just flies by.