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The BBC kindly released the finale episode details this afternoon.

Huge humongous SPOILERS ahead!

Prisoners’ Wives

Gemma is terrified when Andy tells her that he and Steve know she’s been talking to the police.

Andy instructs her to withdraw her statement. But when she tells DC Hunter, he whisks her straight into witness protection. As David explains that this is forever Gemma starts to lose her nerve: is this what she wants?

She becomes increasingly agitated and is on the verge of leaving David’s protection when she starts to go in to labour. And as her contractions kick in, Gemma is shot at through her hotel window. Will Gemma and her baby survive?

Also, Francesca reluctantly agrees to collect some illegal money from the airport for Paul’s business but little does she realise that she is being followed. Who is following her and what do they want?

Harriet senses a spark with Prison Chaplain Ian. Seemingly reconciled with Gavin and with encouragement from Lou, Harriet makes her move on her man. But out of practice in the love game, things don’t turn out quite as Harriet had hoped…

And as Lou is joyfully reunited with Sean upon his release from prison, she vows to have the time of her life – for she knows she is on borrowed time. From prisoner’s wife to prisoner, it’s only a matter of time before Lou is sent down.

This summary left me saying the quote made famous by J.K. Rowling for about 15 minutes: ‘BLOODY HELL ?!!!’ O_o

Ok seriously WTF? lol There’s no way I believe Steve is this evil to be willing to sacrifice his wife and unborn baby, even if he’s guilty of the murder. That and Jonas has way too kind eyes 😉 Sooo..methinks Andy is screwing Steve over! It’s Andy that tells Gemma he and supposedly Steve knows she betrayed them to the police.  I’m willing to believe Andy could plot Gemma’s death to stay out of prison, but not that Steve agrees or knows about this plan! It goes against everything we learned about Steve and Gemma as a couple. I mean the caps of Episode 3 says enough, how cute are they lol? =D

Once again time will tell how this will all end. I hope Gemma and unborn baby get a happy ending…besides I think uhm on behalf of many Jonas Armstrong fans, we’d like to see Jonas holding a baby 😉