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To anyone watching the Brits instead of Prisoners’ Wives tonight: you truly missed out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This episode was all about Lou & Mason and what a great episode it was too. =)

Really fantastic performances all around , especially by Natalie! Really felt very sorry for Lou in the end. And what about poor Mason? aww bless , hope it comes good in the end. Think ‘Sean’ gets out by episode 6 but fear Lou might take his place inside… Harriet was again just fabulous, another good mix of comedy & drama.

As every week the question remains what about Steve?

Well, Jonas and Emma weren’t exactlyย featuringย a lot this episode. Think screen time wise about the same as last week. Steve made a heart-wrenching speech about hoping to be the best dad on the planet & told her how much he loved her. Hoping she still felt the same , though could understand if she wanted to bail out.

Gemma, putting on her best ‘Alias’ cap on, retorted she wasn’t going to bail, and told him she did still love him. Great! Then she stepped into the detective’s car with a steely gaze & went to Leicester police station to incriminate Steve further (and Andy), wanting to get it all over with asap!

If Steve is really all that guilty then fine, he probably gets what he deserves. But I’ve a very great problem with the script…That workplace raid should have been carried out while Steve was being arrested in episode 1, not 8 weeks later after the event! Tssk Who knows what Andy got up to on his own?

Next week looks promising though, we’ll finally learn more as Steve is being questioned again. But for one thing, the spoilers for episode 6 makes absolutely no sense after hearing Steve’s speech about how much he’s looking forward to become a dad… O_o