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First of all apologies if my review doesn’t make much sense or has spelling mistakes…got the flu so yeah blah! ~_~

Fantastic episode this week, and can’t believe next week will be the finale ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

All the wives got equal screening time this episode and we even saw quite a lot of the men inside the prison as well. Especially Steve – Jonas which is a very goodย obviouslyย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Harriet & Lou make a very good team have to say! They had many great scenes together and I am glad little Mason found it’s way back to his mum (even if it’s only for a week). Paul & Fran acted like teenagers, naughty teenagers at that but so much fun! We also learned that Fran chose to turn a blind eye at what her husband did…unlike our Gemma. Hmmm which brings us back to ‘Steve & Gemma’.

Apart from ย the storyline…how handsome did Jonas look in this episode? ๐Ÿ˜€ haha sorry but he did look rather scrummy lol ย Lots more screen time as well!

Ok back to the plot. Well it’s still confunded me greatly! Steve knows about the gun being found.During Family Day ,Steve was chatty, lovely, kind, worried – had that Jack Bauer moment in between of suddenly grabbing a suspect / this case wife’ s arm before asking questions – back to being worried, concerned, loving, laughing, joking, & finallyย disillusioned.

What I mean to say is that Steve, even if he did kill a man, was fully aware he won’t be there for his wife during the birth of his child, which pained him a lot. Also seemed to have accepted the fact he could end up in prison for years, asking Gemma if they’ll be like Fran & Paul…will she continue to visit him? Upon Gemma planting a big kiss on his lips saying Yes! with a loving smile. One could go awww bless, wasn’t it for the fact Gemma really has found a way to play the perfect ‘Alias’ character! Wow call about a definition of betrayal: that one has to be it! Grrr…

Yes yes Jonas acted a bit like Jack as in 24 for a sec but he did apologize for acting like an animal due to stress & being paranoid. I don’t condone abuse! But in this case it was in context of…and Steve really went back to be his super loving , joking self minutes later. Gemma is just…annoying! Why has she still not asked Steve about the whole mess at the place of work? perfect timing to ask about it! ‘Steve the police told me they arrested Andy, they found illegal workers in a container did you know about any of this’?! But no she simply trusted the police officer without a shred of evidence (we still know nothing about that supposed link between murder and the workers!). Andy, now that guy belongs in prison for sure!

Next week, Gemma in in mortal danger as Andy gets after her and tries to kill her and Steve’s child! Ok so the episode ended with Steve calling Andy saying he knew who the grass was : Gem. BUT after what we saw during ep 5 there’s no way you can make me believe Steve wants Gemma dead! He might feel utterly sad and down but he still loves her and his baby. If script however does try to make out Steve asked Andy to ‘Kill them’ (in voice of Alexander Armstrong ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I’ll be utterly gutted as that would ruin a so far great series!