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I meant to post a Jonas Armstrong biography page ages ago, and so finally wrote one. As Jonas has gained some more fans with Prisoners’ Wives airing, could no longer put it off really after all the crazy google statistics of queries & search terms about his person.

So to set the record straight as it were, I noted down all the most asked facts, including he has BLUE and not green eyes and indeed has no children as yet (you’d be surprised how many have asked that one, including what their names were!). I guess it’s part of a fandom but if you expect a fact sheet about previous and current girlfriend’s names etc you are on the wrong website for that I’m afraid! Also Jonas is not on any social media network, so please don’t follow the fakes on twitter, facebook etc…

Most Biographical and Trivia facts come from IMDB and basically all the press interviews or radio interviews Jonas has done since 2006. 😀

So if you want to have a look, I put it in the top menu or you can just click on the link: http://jonasarmstrongblog.com/jonas-armstrong-profile-page/