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High anticipation for tonight’s final episode of the series! 😀 It was an absolute brilliant ride and really hope the BBC confirms the plans of Prisoners’ Wives series 2 asap!

  • Just look at the awesome review/preview from the Guardian =)


An exhilarating conclusion to the superb, slow-burn series. As if she hadn’t been magnificent enough, tonight Emma Rigby’s visceral emoting may actually burst your television. Her character Gemma has quite the 24 hours as her narrative spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Harriet (the brilliant Pippa Haywood) starts to find her confidence and Franny (the regal Polly Walker) finds herself back on easy street, but at what price? The writing of this episode is supremely skilful and the direction is sublime. Addictive stuff. We’ll be needing another series, thanks. Julia Raeside”

  • Another raving review =)


It would be a crime not to have a second series of this arresting drama!

There’s so much going on in this final episode that the hour flies by! Baddie Andy puts the frighteners on heavily pregnant Gemma to make her withdraw her police statement. DC Hunter wants to whisk her into witness protection, but before she can decide if she wants to go down that route, a nail-biting chain of events brings the storyline to a climax. Elsewhere, a reluctant Fran gets involved with Paul’s dodgy business, Harriet (finally!) makes a move on prison chaplain Ian and Lou faces her fate. A wonderfully acted and superbly written drama.