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Just found an interview with Hit and Miss series director Sheree Folkson. Talking mainly about new film ‘Decoy Bride’ with the glorious David Tennant 😀


But Sky Atlantic’s Hit and Miss was mentioned:

Can you tell us a little about what is next on the cards for you, do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’ve just finished directing half of a new series for Sky Atlantic – “Hit and Miss” starring Chloe Sevigny with Red Productions. Chloe plays a transsexual hitman who finds out she has a son from when she was living as a man. It’s very dark and arthouse – no jokes at all. I really enjoyed being able to do something very atmospheric, visual and filmic – it has much less dialogue than most TV which meant at times I could really let my imagination fly. It’s a total contrast to The Decoy Bride.

P.S: Jonas Armstrong is now listed as ‘Ben’ on Hit and Miss imdb page! Hurrah! 😀