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As always many thanks to Martin (@Nooclar) for keeping us all updated! Apparently the release for Twenty8K with Jonas Armstrong as Clint O’Connor is now set for September – October 2012 period. Yes it is a bit sad it’s delayed but on other hand it will be released after all the 2012 London Olympics madness during the summer. So silver lining is that travelling & staying in London will be a lot cheaper 😉 Not only that maybe I will combine Jonas fandom fun with Harry Potter fandom by booking a ticket to the recently opened HP museum tours at same time! 😀

Martin Carr ‏ @Nooclar

@Nikki_081 Hey Nikki, looks like Sept or Oct! xxx

Btw in meantime keep up to date with all the news on the Twenty8K blog page or on the Twenty8K Facebook page.