With Prisoners’ Wives finished airing, we still have Sky Atlantic’s Hit and Miss to look forward to. And of course  two film releases as well with Twenty8k & The Glass House. But we haven’t  been hearing much news, if at all what Jonas Armstrong is or will be up to in 2012 as in actually working on projects. It’s been quiet for months now on that score.  I cannot imagine Jonas being un-employed as such, but guess no announcements have been made as nothing is yet certain, contracts finalized etc…

As we wait for news, thought of setting up a wishlist 😉

  • HBO Game of Thrones (series 3 + 4) starts shooting in May 😀  I know you either LOVE the series or you hate it (like LOTR really) and I really love the show a lot, also started to read the books. The show is such a HUGE hit in the states & in Europe so will be good for Jonas’ acting exposure on a massive scale 😀
  • Filming a Comedy. After all the drama, it would be such good fun to see Jonas acting in a comedy! Doesn’t have to be a classic Rom-Com either, but something like ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ would be perfect!
  • Doing a character’s voice in a Pixar or Dreamwork’s animated film! We all know how AWESOME Jonas is with voices and accents since his showcase of the CBeebies stories 😀
  • Still hold a torch for BBC America Copper. We know Jonas auditioned for a couple of parts, and indeed some went to others …But who knows he could still be cast as a guest appearance for an episode or 2, 3 etc … Ok I admit I want to hear Jonas speaking in his native Irish Dublin accent 😛
  • BBC Sherlock Series 3. Doesn’t start shooting til early 2013 but it would be amazing if Jonas appeared in an episode 😀
  • Itv’s Downton Abbey Series 3. Great fan of the show and it would be lovely to see Jonas in a dashing costume, paying a visit to the Earl of Grantham & family.
  • Itv’s Whitechapel series 4. Not yet officially confirmed but I’d certainly welcome to see Rupert Penry-Jones & Jonas Armstrong sharing a scene together 😉
  • BBC Death in Paradise series 2. What more do you want: it’s filmed in Guadeloupe, with scenic beaches as a background for a detective series with a comedy edge to it! It has murder-solving plots, beaches, sun, swaying palm trees & it’s just such good fun! =)
  • The BBC recently commissioned lots of new series, so Jonas could well end up starring in one of those.
If you have any ideas or want to add anything to the wishlist, let me know in the comment section! 😀