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First of all would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has visited the site in the past few months! Cannot believe already passed the 50.000 views since I started in November with the blog *thud*  Also thanks to anyone who has left a comment or has ‘liked’ a post etc…very much appreciated 😀

Of course it’s all due to the lovely talented Jonas Armstrong, and I’m very glad that with Prisoners’ Wives and Robin Hood currently airing in Germany (and is being repeated in Belgium) it seems to spark new interest! =)

Spring has officially arrived! YAY lol, so here’s the wallpaper for April. Thought I’d give the whole digital scrapbook thing a try, and safe to say it’s a lot of fun! 😉 It was a lot of fun, but quite a lot of work too… Normally I don’t care all that much what you end up doing with what I post on the blog, but in this case if you wish to re-post / re-blog etc. At least mention a link to the site if you will. Thanks! 🙂

Here are two versions (with calendar & without), Enjoy!