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Finally got round to set up The Ghost Squad page under TV series as well as starting on the screen caps gallery. Jonas Armstrong was the perfect Pete Maitland! 😀

Unlike the Robin Hood series where the screen caps are absolutely everywhere, I’ve found that the Ghost Squad caps are very elusive indeed. Maybe cause the dvd boxset isn’t as widely available? So I’ve decided to add them on the blog =)

Some promo images and caps are up in the gallery. So far only episode 6 (407 caps) is available. Yes I find it odd as well to start with episode 6 LOL , but as one would say in an episode of ‘Miranda’ please ‘bare with’ 😛 The rest will follow soon.

All I ask is that you don’t claim them as your own or re-post these somewhere else without leaving the watermark I put on the caps. Thank You!