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This is a listing of songs used either in the Sky Atlantic Hit and Miss trailers or during the Episodes. Feel free to make suggestions, add titles or make corrections by using the comment button. All help with the list is truly appreciated! ๐Ÿ˜€

The score was composed byย Dickon Hinchliffe (no news on a soundtrack as yet)

Many thanks to all the posters who left a message, either helping with the list or indeed letting us all know the US version of Hit & Miss has some other songs playing during the episodes! ๐Ÿ˜› Right so when you see (US version) next to a song it means it didn’t play on SkyAtlantic but it did on DirecTV.

UPDATE 01/05/2013: AbbottVision did a Q&A today so asked about the soundtrack and they provided me with this Spotify link to all the commercial songs listed so you can all have a listen:ย http://open.spotify.com/user/bomber57/playlist/48n1AaiwhJPSUQlx8FJI6U

ย Hit & Miss Trailers Music

  • โ€˜All For youโ€™ by the Imelda May Band
  • โ€˜Comfort Meโ€™ by Leslie Feist
  • ‘Dirty Horseโ€™ by Gram Rabbit
  • ‘Colours’ by Grouplove
  • ‘Save my soul’ by Extreme Music
  • ‘Findย my Way’ by Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke (Extreme Music)
  • ‘Fragile Bird’ by Dallas Green ( City & Colour )
  • ‘Bridges’ by Mitch Curinga (US Version)

Episode 1

  • ‘Desperate Heart’ by The Country – Gram Rabbit (US version)
  • ‘Sun is Shining’ by The Dirtbombs
  • ”Don’t get Above Your Raising’ by Foggy Mountain Boys
  • ‘Let me Kiss You’ by Morrissey
  • ‘It came out of the Wilderness’ by Pete Molinari
  • ‘Take off that Dress for Me’ by Micah P. Hinson

Episode 2

  • ‘Dirty Horse’ by Gram Rabbit
  • ‘Take it Back’ by Toddla T
  • ‘I’ll be in the Sky’ by B.o.B.
  • ‘Devil take my soul’ by Son of Dave ft Martina Toply-Bird
  • ‘Do I Love You’ by Frank Wilson


  • ‘The Devil’s Playground’ by Gram Rabbit
  • ‘She’s got You’ by Patsy Cline
  • ‘Colours’ by Grouplove


  • ‘Beautiful Tomorrow’ by Beth Rowley
  • ‘On Battleship Hill’ by PJ Harvey
  • ‘Work hard/Play hard’ by Palace Music
  • ‘Gold Digger’ by Kanye West
  • ‘The Words that Maketh Murder’ by PJ Harvey


  • ‘Letting in the Sunshine’ by Piney Gir
  • Adagio un poco mosso’ (Piano Concerto no 5) composed by Beethoven
  • ‘The Devil’ by Anna Calvi
  • ‘I’ve got you on my Mind’ by Karling Abbeygate
  • ‘Goin’ Nowhere’ by Karling Abbeygate


  • ‘Woman’ by Timber Timbre
  • ‘Wait and Bleed’ by Slipknot
  • ‘Those Dancing Days’ by Those Dancing Days
  • ‘Atmosphere’ by Joy Division
  • ‘There was no Finer’ by Paul Mottram
  • ‘Fear is like Fire’ by Fink
  • ‘Warm Shadow’ by Fink
  • ‘Dirty Horse’ by Gram Rabbit