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In anticipation of the launch of Sky Atlantic’s new series Hit and Miss will post all the related online articles here. 😀

Think that way’s it’s more ordered instead of having to make a new post for each article that comes our way. 😉

  • AV Today : “Train. Kill. Receive payment. Repeat. This has been the routine of Mia’s existence ever since she was taken into the criminal underworld, and transformed into a sharp-shooting assassin. Fate, however, ensures things don’t stay the same for long, and the arrival of a bombshell-laden letter from her ex, Wendy, changes Mia’s life forever.”
  • The Independent : “There’s some great talent involved and it’s sure to prompt curious viewers to tune in.”
  • Huffington Post: interview with Chloe Sevigny (thanks to @chloesevignyorg for the link! 😀 )
  • Unreality Primetime: very good synopsis of the show!
  • ImediaMonkey: “the six-part drama – which will air in late May – is about family, sexual identity and the highs and lows of being a parent
  • The Independent: Interview with Chloe Sevigny, talking about sex -scenes  and uhm Manchester…also first mention of a possible series 2!
  • Attitude UK : Full credit to Chloe-sevigny.org for the scans and interview with Chloë (where Manchester isn’t really all that bad ;P )
  • Broadcast Now: “Beautifully filmed, with a tone and a score redolent of American indie flick Winter’s Bone”
  • CrimeTime Preview: “Hit & Miss is chillingly violent at times, provocative and tender. A nice change from Midsomer Murders and the like.”
  • The Guardian : Q & A with Chloë Sevigny
  • The Daily Telegraph: Interview with Chloë: Full credit to the brilliant Chloe-sevigny.org for providing the scans. Read it HERE
  • The Sunday Times: Read the Chloë Sevigny interview at Chloe-sevigny.org
  • BBC Radio Four: Chloë talking about Hit and Miss on Woman’s Hour 14/05
  • BBC Radio 5 Live: Listen to the interview with Richard Bacon (available fr 1 week)
  • Sky News: Chloë on Boulton & Co 14/05

Update 03/05 Tweets

Robin Jarossi ‏ @crimetimeprev Really enjoyed Sky Atlantic’s Hit+Miss. Chloe Sevigny convinces as transsexual. Engrossing, tender, savage and unlike any other drama on TV

Nikki ‏ @Nikki_081 @crimetimeprev oh dear sorry to bother you again but ahem how was Jonas Armstrong in it? ;P More interesting role as Ben compared to Steve?
Robin Jarossi ‏ @crimetimeprev @Nikki_081 He was only in ep1 briefly, but he was a good guy. Trailer shows him in ep2 more. Course, when he finds out she’s a he…