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Will collect all the info about upcoming Press & hopefully TV interviews with Jonas Armstrong: talking about his role as ‘Ben’ in  Hit and Miss (Sky Atlantic) here in this post. 😀

Hopefully we’ll have a long list by the end of Hit and Miss airing. 😉

Press Interviews

Online Interviews

  • Sky Atlantic Website“I’m playing a character called Ben. No surname: just plain old simple Ben”
  • MSN.UK: awesome interview! 😀 “I hope it’s something they’ll watch and think: ‘wow! I wasn’t expecting that”
  • CultboxI was so taken in by it. No surprise I guess as it comes from good stock, it’s created by Paul Abbott and Sean Conway’s done a fantastic job.’
  • What’s on TV: ‘It was really fun filming with Chloe, and the sets were close to my home so I didn’t have to travel far.’
  • The Daily Mail “When I read the script I thought, “Are they actually going to be able to get away with this?” It was so off-the-wall but I couldn’t stop reading”

TV & Video Interviews