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Many thanks to @iheartwjarmstro (Dani) for the heads up on this 😀 Yes The Glass House has been renamed into…’Walking with the Enemy‘. To be honest I like it for two things: there were already 2 or even 3 other movies & documentares with ‘The Glass House’, also a famous concert hall in the USA, making it particularly difficult to navigate news via google 😦 It kept giving search results for all the other movies but the version we are all interested about: the 2012 version!

Changing the name into ‘Walking with the Enemy’ solves that problem instantly. 😀 It also refers more to Jonas Armstrong’s character of ‘Elek Cohen’ as that is what he ultimately does in the film: he blends in with the Nazis, pretending to be one of them, all while helping out as many people as he can to bring them into safety.

However I cannot imagine the headache for Liberty Studios  of having to change absolutely everything they have posted thus far! Seriously from the trailer, to the gallery pics & screenshots, let  alone the entire website!! *facepalm* They’ve to re-brand the whole lot, that my dears is bound to take some time…unless they’ve worked at it silently since January or so, as this is MAJOR work!

On that note will try not to moan too much on that same work that attends me…as uhm I’ll have to re-name every mention of The Glass House into Walking with the Enemy or it will be a mess when movie comes out (posting news to existing pages etc). But I really do like the name change! *thumbs up*