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Tonight Sky Atlantic is officially launching it’s brand new TV Series Hit and Miss  created by Paul Abbott and written by Sean Conway.

The event takes place tonight from around 6.00PM UK Time at the London May Fair Hotel and everyone will be able to join in & follow what’s going on, including the Q & A panel with Chloë Sevigny. Paul Abbott and rest of the Hit and Miss cast will be attending, including Jonas Armstrong. 😀

Full Report as it happened on Tuesday 15/05/2012

I have to start with an awesome HUGE thank you (and actually saying thanks barely covers it really 😛 ) to all those wonderful super nice people on twitter for passing along so many goodies & gifts throughout the evening. Don’t know what I said or did to deserve it all, but truly awesome thanks to @Gaytimesmag @RedProductionco @nooclar and especially to Jonas for taking the time to do all of this! Lots of *cyberhugs* & I keep saying it but one day they’ll invent 4D emails and then will spam everyone with my Belgian Chocolates lol 😀

Credit to ChloeSevigny.org for the Picture! 😀

Nikki ‏ @Nikki_081 @RedProductionCo oh my goodness awesome thank you sooo much! X 🙂

  • Chloë Sevigny Online ‏ @chloesevignyorg First 18 photos of Chloë Sevigny (in Versus Fall 2012) at the#HitAndMiss London Premiere on Chloë Sevigny Online http://www.chloe-sevigny.org/2012/05/15/chloe-at-hit-miss-london-premiere/
  • Sky Atlantic HD ‏ @skyatlantic Creator/Producer Paul Abbott came up with the concept, and writer Sean Conway took it on. “The crux of the story is family.” Chloë Sevigny says she was ready to sign “by the time I got to page 2.” She threw herself into research on transgender issues. Producer Nicola Shindler is discussing a sensitive issue – the unique nudity in the show. “It was important to see it.” Chloë discusses her time in Manchester. “I isolated myself while I was there. This was the most challenging role of my career.”The floor is opened up for audience questions. “Did you ever consider a transgender actor?” Nicola says “we just wanted the best actor.” Chloë is praising her castmates (many of whom are here at the screening, including Karla Crome, Reece Noi, & Jonas Armstrong) An audience member says we’re in a golden age of complex female protagonists. Sean says “female characters are more interesting to write.”
  • Red Production Co. ‏ @RedProductionCo Mariella describes the look of the show as David Lynch-like. Sean cites Terence Malick and Cormac McCarthy as inspirations for Hit and Miss. That’s the first time Chloe has seen Ep1 – she was worried about watching the nude scenes but is very pleased they were so sensitively shot. Nicola talks about it being unusual to be sent a thriller script with a woman as the protagonist.
End of the Q & A

Nikki ‏ @Nikki_081 @GayTimesMag omg dunno what to say just thank you soooo much!!!! Xx cyberhugs Xxx wish i cld send over belgian chocs lol 🙂

Decided to remove the picture since google was listing it under images & didn’t want it to be so widely spread on the web.

Nikki ‏ @Nikki_081 @Nooclar awwwwwwwww thats just super sweet!!!! Thank you Martin & Jonas of course! A bit lost fr words 🙂 really awesome ! Really thank you again!! made this girl very happy tonight ;p

Ahem there was a lot more tweeting from me but honestly these were the most coherent ones hahaha. ;P Just went into *fangirl slightly faints mode*

Thank you once more to EVERYONE for this very special evening!!!