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Very positive reviews for Sky Atlantic’s new TV series Hit and Miss. Lots of praise for Chloë Sevigny and Paul Abbott which is fantastic! 😀 Congratulations to @AbbottVision, @RedProductionsCo & @SkyAtlantic =D

Audience Rating: 160.000  (double the Sky Atlantic viewers!) http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/ratings/hit-and-miss-debuts-with-160k/5042653.article?blocktitle=LATEST-TV-RATINGS&contentID=988

  • The Independent: “It’s wonderfully unexpected and unpredictable and a debut commission in original drama that Sky Atlantic has every reason to be proud of.”
  • The Stage: “Hit & Miss which is actually rather terrific”
  • Cultbox:  “the combination of uneasy domesticity and dispassionate slaughter makes Hit & Miss compelling viewing from the off”
  • SoSoGay: “A brilliant show, with amazing visuals and organic characters which are rich in complexity.”
  • MSN UK: you won’t find a more original programme on the box at the moment.
  • The Telegraph: mildly critical
  • Inside Media:” doesn’t shy away from the flaws in each character and tackles sensitive issues without making them feel exploitative and purely for shock value”
  • Metro UK: needs a bit more humour
  • TV Guide: a heartfelt story which not only deals with broken families but also – surprisingly – transgender issues
  • The Guardian: interview with Paul Abbott