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After months of waiting, Episode 1 of Hit and Miss hit the screens last week. It really was a fantastic start to the series! ūüėÄ

If you want to know all the details click on continue reading. Just beware of the **SPOILERS** warning! =D

I ‘d been anticipating the series for a while now. Read many previews and interviews with the creator Paul Abbott and saw the MIPTV event in Cannes. So I knew what to expect (well sort of), prior watching the first episode.

It really was amazing to see everything what I read come together in the episode. The landscape scenery of the moors were just stunning and the performance by Chlo√ę Sevigny was pure class! She made the character of Mia believable, which is an outstanding achievement when you know she’s a woman, playing a man in process of becoming a woman. (head-spin lol). Lots of fuss was made by the¬†prosthetic¬†penis etc…but I agree with the makers it’s not a gratuitous shot of nudity, it really has a purpose – less we forget Mia is still a man! Which has many¬†implications later on in the series when it comes to the romantic aspect of the show, and the¬†developing¬†relationship with Ben played by Jonas Armstrong.

Mia is¬†glamorous, has a warm personality when it comes to taking care of the children & you can definitely see fragility too. And if all of that was not enough…Mia happens to be a hit-man! Total opposite of her character traits, she kills with a frankly brutal coldness and detachment. It looks like a task, that needs doing nothing more. A means to earn money to fund the sex-operations. Have read some reviews that would have liked to ‘ve seen how she got the job as a¬†hit-man, or how she got into the situation she’s now. Frankly after years of watching J.J. Abrams shows like Alias , Lost, Person of Interest and even Once Upon a Time (writers from lost), I’ve learned to fill in the blanks myself. I now actually prefer to watch series where not everything is spelled out for you, or has a different beginning on a timeline etc…

Not only the character of Mia & Chlo√ę ‘s performance was spot on, but also really enjoyed the performances of the children in the show. Yes it might have been a bit of a¬†cliche¬†to see how Riley tried to ignore Mia & was desperate to stay in control of the household. But then it’s not like it was Mary Poppins coming through the door ūüėČ I’m sure at one point Riley will warm to Mia, she just needs to let go of the teenage angst a bit first. And it’s not exactly easy when the poor kid is in a relationship with that pedophile monster of a landlord. I’m not that much into violence but somehow it was almost one of the best scenes to see that guy (John) being punched to a pulp by Mia & her 11yr old son who was being¬†severely¬†bullied.

There was only a small glimpse of landscape gardener Ben (Jonas Armstrong) during this first episode. But he was being very¬†chivalrous¬†in his scene ūüėÄ ¬†Lots more to come on Tuesday from the preview so not to worry. I’ve said this a lot on twitter already but Jonas really should get praise for all that bulking up! He’s now gone from Roger Federer to Rafael Nadal ūüėõ

Hit & Miss had a fantastic start and really looking forward to see the storylines develop as well as the characters. One thing is for sure, this show really is UNIQUE. =) Don’t forget to pre-order the DVD, it’s out on July 2nd.