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Episode 2 of Hit and Miss was even better than the first! 😀

If you want to know the details click onto continue reading, but again **SPOILERS WARNING** 

Episode 2 picked up nicely from where we left off. Mia is growing in her role at trying to be a mum to the kids, all while continuing to murder some people in between trying  to cook, or taking little Leonie to ballet class…as you do 😉

Otherwise life is just going swimmingly…uhm NOT! The thing is, that bastard land owner (John) is taking revenge for the beating up from last week, by putting the house on the market. The kids are naturally upset and take it out on Mia, blaming her for everything. Sadly even Mia agrees and heads back to Manchester to meet up with Eddie (her boss). Later on Eddie & Mia get into an agreement that he’ll buy the land in her name, since John refuses to sell to her. It’s the first time we get to know Eddie a bit more, and from the looks of it…there’s a whole a lot of trouble coming up 😦 Eddie already took advantage of the house to store some unknown goods. Being in the business he’s in, safe to say it wasn’t candy in those boxes. He also seems to be into Mia a lot more than we first believed. Which brings us nicely to the topic of Ben 😀

We learn in this episode, that landscape gardener Ben really likes a good run 😛 Once in the daytime, when Mia clearly enjoys the view of a rather sweaty Ben when she drives past him haha and again at nighttime when he goes for another run, taking the route near the house cause he really likes the scenery 😀 Ben is such a lovely guy, which makes me fear for him as Eddie was far from pleased when he saw him flirting with Mia. Good thing he didn’t catch him asking her out on a proper date (Tuesday’s episode 3), on which Mia was more than happy to say yes to. Romance is definitely in the air for those two, but with Mia’s secret will be interesting to see it all play out.

I really have to applaud the kids in this series. What a talented bunch they are! Leonie is just way too adorable, Ryan suffered from an identity crisis this week but it all ended alright, Levi has turned a corner and think has fully accepted Mia, but poor Riley…it’s clear she is pregnant and with brutal monster John as the father. Once again the prospects are not looking cheerful.

Outstanding performances by the entire cast, especially Chloë Sevigny as she had a scene (Pinocchio) that must have been so uncomfortable doing, but all KUDOS to her! And who ever has chosen the songs for Hit & Miss deserves to be applauded too! One of the most popular topics each week on the blog, is my Soundtrack post  and the song listing used in every episode. I do hope an official Soundtrack will be released, as it really brings the whole atmosphere together.

Roll on Episode 3 where we’ll get to see a lot more of Ben 😀