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Episode 3 is a gem in terms of fantastic writing and incredible performances by the entire cast.

If you want to know more…

Where to begin? Episode 3 was an emotional roller coaster and so much happened in those 45 minutes, that we found ourselves at the end of the episode in a flash!

Hands up who was grinning like a fool during the first 6 minutes of the episodes? 😀 Mia and Ben get on their first proper date, where a very handsome looking Ben (Jonas Armstrong) turns out to be a perfect gentlemen. Passing on cardigans, letting the lady go first, opening car doors, heck opening every door! No wonder Mia falls for Ben lol. Mia (Chloë Sevigny) looked utterly gorgeous btw. The scene ends at her doorstep for that first good night kiss that didn’t happen, as Mia backed away and Ben was very understanding. You could see they clearly liked each other but with Mia’s secret…

After the first sort of idyllic minutes, things start to go badly. Poor Riley who is very much pregnant, is struggling to cope. Especially since the father is the brute landlord John (who also gave his wife a black eye this episode). I’m not sure what Riley was expecting when she told him about the situation, but clearly John has no intention of playing happy family! He clearly wants her to have an abortion and just p*** off.

Ryan meanwhile gained some respect it seems from kicking his bully in episode 1 as  it looked like they were friends now. He gets traumatized after watching landlord John kill a cow with a single shot to the head. And clearly struggles all episodes with the themes of death & loss. He starts to question everything. Especially in Biology class when the teacher asks him to kill a frog and dissect it. ‘Why’ ? asks Ryan; upon teacher answers ‘Cause it’s Science class’… Ultimately Ryan gets into protest mode and even goes to save the lives of the frogs. 😀 I fear many other reviewers just saw this as a ‘comic interlude’, missing the entire point of what was going on between the lines.

Levi has a pretty quiet episode, though he has Eddie asking him to hide some package, not even Mia can know about. Dodgy dealings indeed!

We got so much into beautiful Mia and Ben, momentarily forgot about her day job! Oh yes…she has another ‘task’ to do. Though this week it all goes very wrong!! The entire sequence of events was like something from the Bourne movies, absolutely loved it. Mia ends up in hospital, very badly injured and we see how the gender plays in the hospital context. Mia needs a bathroom and the nurse takes her to the men’s loo…As things went so very wrong, the police is on the case and so Mia has to leave pronto. It’s a miracle she got home in one piece, as the head injuries made the driving anything but safe. Ben actually follows her home with his car when he sees her swivel on the road. As she arrives home, she barely makes it out of the car before falling to the ground, with Ben once again saving the day by scooping her up and takes her inside.

What follows is one of the most poignant scenes during the series. Ben obviously cares for Mia and wishes to help, while Mia keeps pushing him away. Mia has nothing left but to confess why things would never work between them, and tells Ben she’s transgender. I’ve said this many times but Jonas has the ability to switch emotions in milliseconds when required and he did just that! From laughing it off, to   be unbelievable, confused, distraught, angry,…all in matter of seconds. Brilliant! 😀 He’s naturally very very confused and leaves the conversation, bumping into Eddie who’s acting like Mia’s father, telling him not to mess her about. Well…uhm 😦

Riley and Mia have a very touching scene together, where they bond over boys that made them cry and are not worth it. Ben meanwhile has calmed his emotions down and gives Mia a call. Instead of talking about their relationship, Mia takes control, goes to Ben’s and chooses to show him more like 😛 (resulting me having to use my 18+ sister blog in the process lol).

Leaving the best to last is the amazing performance by Roma who plays Leonie. Yes the show got all hyped up cause of the transgender issue, the prosthetics, the hitwoman aspect…BUT at its core it’s still very much about the family and the fact those children just lost a parent. Every episode Ryan and Leonie show this through. Ryan asking the Why question ( who’s in charge of who dies / lives anyway?) using the frogs as a means to explore this and not just as ‘the joke of the episode’. And little Leonie desperately trying to cope by having ‘imaginary’? conversations with her mum who she misses so very much. Been reading some reviews from people who simply don’t get ‘it’. They feel like the Leonie scenes are disconnected while in truth they are the core threads and the links that binds the entire series together. If you don’t see that, all I can say is that you must  be very lucky if you don’t. I really think it’s one of the best pieces of writing and hats off to Paul Abbott and Sean Conway! *Standing Ovation*