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Another fantastic episode this week! 😀

You know the drill by now if you want to know more…

One truly never get bored watching an episode of Hit and Miss, as once again they managed to cram in quite a lot in 45 minutes.

The episode started like an opening scene of Midsomer Murders where Ben & Mia where yet on another date, joining in the local village festivities. And a lot of fun they were having as well. With Mia absolutely beaming after Ben kisses her goodbye. They really make a very cute couple! 😀

The Midsomer Murder theme continued as we did witness a murder in the first 10 minutes…oh yes Mia still is very much a hit-woman on a mission. It’s extraordinary to see those two sides of Mia’s character. A true girly girl in love around Ben and then two minutes later we see her acting brutally clinical killing yet another man from Eddies’ – to – do list. Later in the episode Mia takes it even to another level of ice cold numbness by killing a man, in between eating fish and chips with Levi & Ryan waiting in the car! That was properly chilling to watch her transform in a matter of seconds from upbeat mum – wait for me in the car – kill a drug dealer – get back in the car like nothing happened –  drive home with radio full blast all smiles. Chloë really does an amazing job with the character!

Meanwhile Riley told Mia she’s pregnant. And Mia couldn’t be more delighted with the notion of helping to raise a baby (she could never have of her own). Sadly landowner John isn’t keen at all on the idea of Riley keeping the baby and tries all episode to manipulate her to have an abortion – or else….  That else actually came to pass when Riley stood her ground on wanting to keep her child. John is in such a rage he’s ready to kill Riley and he would have  succeeded if it weren’t for the writers brilliant intervention. 😉 I was literally screaming at the screen when John got into the house, went after Riley and Riley ran upstairs. First rule is NEVER run upstairs right?! (thriller-horror movie…) as everyone knows there’s never a way out. Though this time I was mightily proven wrong since Riley managed to use the gun, Mia was hiding under her bed and…yes Riley ends up shooting John in the head and what a relief it was too! A fitting end for such a bad character.

In between these main stories, another two emerged in the form of the revelation of the tramp that had been lurking in all three previous episodes. Little Leonie could have gotten herself in serious trouble by following ‘the tramp’ back to his camp in the woods. Though one of the most harrowing scenes this episodes was seeing Leonie doing the lift signal for a car on the road! Thankfully all is well since the tramp is actually the children’s long lost uncle (their mother’s brother). Though due to circumstances with Leonie going missing…Levi & Ryan were ready to beat the poor guy into a pulp were it not for Ben to make a stop to it. Which takes us to the second side story…

First let me thank the two female directors of Hit and Miss for seeing Jonas’ potential in his acting talent and…well his handsome good looks 😛 My page hits stats doesn’t lie this week…you ALL liked  the shirtless scenes haha. So yes we’re very grateful for those LOL. As much as we see Mia being in love with Ben, it’s very clear there’s this hurdle they’ve to overcome. Ben wants to, but than Mia pushes him away again…it all gets a bit confusing for Ben. As he points out later ‘ He’s not gay!’ while Mia shouts ‘and I’m not a man!’. Struggling with his feelings, Ben picks up a girl at a bar, trying to prove to himself that he’s still a man as it were. From the looks of the preview for next episode Ben seems to pick up more girls…but we’ll have to see how he copes with Mia and if their relationship can still work or not.

Another fantastic episode, mixing the two sides of Mia’s character brilliantly (caring mum and being in love vs ice cold hit-woman) all while not losing sight of the other characters’ stories with Riley in prime focus this week. The bad guy of the piece is gone with John dead…but I still have doubts about Eddie. Who knows what he’ll ask in return for his help disposing of the body? In any case really can’t wait to see how it will all unfold. 😀