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The penultimate episode didn’t disappoint 😀

Beware of the SPOILERS if you want to read on…

The episode started with a very cheerful tune ‘Letting in the Sunshine’ while we saw the kids being entertained by uncle Liam ;which couldn’t be in any larger contrast with the scenes of Eddie & Mia getting rid of the body (the deceased John). At one end we saw pastel coloured paper butterflies flying while Leonie danced away with a happy smile, vs a scene that could come straight from ‘Game of Thrones’: with John being chopped in bits by Eddie…  Ahem.

Mia really is in her ‘zone’ as it where by giving clinical instructions to the shell shocked Riley. ‘Why are you not freaking out?!’ shouts Riley. If only she knew… 😦 All potential evidence is either being burned, thrown in the sea…and John? Well Mia just packages all the ‘bits’ individually and throws them in a river under a viaduct.  We really see the hit-woman in all her coldness at work here.  But the help from Eddie does come with a price though. Levi is now fully employed by Eddie, helping out with whatever is in that van of his…and taking a call from Mia in the Chinese Restaurant. Clearly Eddie wants to make a point that he’s not willing to let Mia go. Whatever plans she had to leave the ‘business’ and concentrate on the ‘kids’ has evaporated under the sun. A new case – a very important case looms and now Mia has to kill two people on the same day or else Eddie is in real trouble. She agrees to do it of course as she doesn’t have an alternative.

Throughout the episode we see how much Riley struggles with the situation and can’t come to terms with what she’s done. It’s all good for Mia to suggest to ‘forget about it’ but a 16 year old girl can’t possibly be expected to do so! Riley gets full on flashbacks, and worryingly starts to self-harm at the end of the episode. She feels so guilty she tries to confess when she visits John pregnant wife and almost does when she sees a policeman at their door. It’s clear for all to see Riley is at breaking point, but Mia lets her down by concentrating on the practical side of things instead of helping her out with her emotions.

Mia gets side-tracked by dividing her attentions between the kids and Ben. She makes yet another confession by telling him that she’s Ryan dad. Another complication in their relationship to deal with…and Ben needs some time to think about it all. Still confused, he goes to a bar and ends up having sex with yet another woman. But Ben clearly still has Mia on his mind as we see the melancholy when he looks at himself in the mirror. Yes we see Jonas in a very Book of Blood scene, but seriously I urge everyone to have a look at Ben’s expressions. It’s just so poetically sad. Waking up in the morning he truly feels disgust at what he’s done and after an evening of drinking, he picks up the courage to call Mia and tell her he really wants to see her again.  By the end of the episode one thing leads to another, and he ends up sleeping with Mia ( a scene Jonas was so scared of filming beforehand but it really was beautifully shot). KUDOS to the female directors of the series by having Ben sprawled out on the bed like a nude from a 19th century piece of art! ;P Ahem if Jonas was tired of the Book of Blood caps, he’s now got that one from that scene to take it’s place… haha (my stats went through the roof this week!) Anyways you’d think the episode would end on a happy note, but sadly Mia sees evidence of Ben’s flings and walks out of the house in tears 😦

The finale promises to go out with a bang! How will Ben explain to Mia what he’s done and will she take him back? What will happen to Riley if she confesses everything? Can Levi still come away from under Eddie’s influence and will Mia succeed in her task of murdering those two new victims? Can’t wait to see it all unfold 😀