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Noticed lots and I mean LOTS of you have been wondering if Hit and Miss will continue next year with a second series.

Truth is no one knows yet as it’s up to Sky Atlantic to make the final decision. We all know this was one fantastic series, with amazing acting talent and script. So if you agree, and like myself would really want to see Mia (Chloë Sevigny), Ben (Jonas Armstrong) and the fabulous kids return for a second season: let Sky & AbbottVision know! 😀

UPDATE 2013 : Sky decided not to renew the show back in the autumn of 2012. This said it would be fantastic if you could let @AbbottVision & @SkyAtlantic know how much you enjoyed the series and would like to see a second one!

Hit & Miss has been a huge hit all across the world as more and more countries get to see the show, and I frankly think Sky are kicking themselves now as they said no too soon. 😉  As I believe it’s really never too late to change someone’s mind, please don’t hesitate to either tweet the producers AbbottVision or Sky; or if you’re on facebook leave a message: http://www.facebook.com/AbbottVision

The more people let them know we’d like a second series of Hit & Miss the better! 😀 

UPDATE: Chloë talks about a possibility of a Second Series on DigitalSpy