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Last Episode of this fantastic series and so final review as well 😦

Want to know more …? *SPOILERS*

With great sadness we say goodbye to Hit & Miss which was without a doubt one of the best TV series this year!

In the final episode we learn a bit more about Mia’s background – especially her life when she was still ‘Ryan’. We start of in the pleasant environment of the fun-fair where the kids are having a  good time (though Riley just can shake off what she did to John and decides to go home quite quickly). But as we’re used to by now, happy scenes are quickly replaced by more gritty ones. While the kids continue the fun , we see Mia doing a double-take when she notices her brother at the shooting stall. Realizing her mum must be here too, she goes to the family caravan and tries to talk her mum into going with her and leave the place, and more importantly her brother. Her mum looks rather dazed and confused, and all too soon Mia’s brother shows up back at the caravan. He doesn’t recognize her at first but when Mia tells him she’s Ryan, all hell breaks lose. It’s clear by the encounter that Mia had been mentally abused by her brother for years, he still calls her a freak; shouting at her that she’s a boy and to degrade her even further he  chops off her long hair with a knife. Traumatized, she goes back to the city, while the kids meanwhile have no clue where she’s gone to.

I think it’s clear from the scenes that follows, just how traumatizing it can be to lose one’s appearance. Especially hair, think most girls will agree that it can definitely be a part of one’s identity. With Mia even more so of course as the long hair makes her look very feminine and beautiful. The chopped short hairdo reminds her too much of ‘Ryan’…  Since the kids have no idea where she is, and she doesn’t pick up the phone either. Ryan starts a search party with the help from Ben.

Together they go to Eddie’s place in search for a lead where Ryan sees levi working for Eddie. Mia meanwhile closed down on her first victim, doing a bit of an overkill by shooting a full round into the now dead body….  Eddie is clearly showing the strain! Levi asks too many questions, Ryan showing up at his ‘restaurant’ with Ben driving him there…he risks to lose everything if Mia doesn’t do her job right! Eddie ends up giving her address to Ryan though.

Back at Mia’s place Ryan and Ben shows up at her door, both quite shocked at her appearance, with Ben understandably worried. He tries to apologize for what he did, telling her he was confused. Mia is still unsure if the relationship can work out and Ben seems doubtful too …which leads to Mia showing him the door. What follows is really a highlight of the series, where Ryan begs for his dad to come back and don’t leave him. Using the word ‘dad’ makes Mia so very emotional, of course she has to come back!

Many things happen in the last part of the episode, Riley confesses the murder to John to Penny his widow and gets herself arrested, only for uncle Liam to step in and take the blame. Levi gets a beating from Eddie for asking just too many questions and Mia gets empowered and gets her mum out of the fun-fair world and away from her brother. For the tiniest moment all seems well, until Eddie wants that second killing done. Mia steps into a hotel, dressed and acts like the man she once was to check in, only to come out as a woman once more, ready for that killing.

But things don’t go as planned and she misses the shot when a butterfly flies into her line of shot.  Quick thinking she has to leave and make a run for it. Eddie knows he’s basically screwed due to the failure of the task and Mia knows she and the kids might be in danger if they stay at the farm. On the moment Mia starts to pack, Ben walks in, and gets a rather hurtful punch by Ryan, telling him not to upset her anymore. Which he doesn’t lol. Jonas does what Jonas does best and use that sad look in his baby blues to confront Mia and try to make her stay. Not only that he tells her he loves her! Awww 😀  Sadly the danger hasn’t gone away and while Ben still has no clue why exactly she has to go, we get ourselves ready for that final shot of the series. Eddie shows up at the farm ready to kill Mia as he tells her it’s either her or him. Mia seems almost resolved to what’s going to happen as he points the gun at her, and then comes little Ryan with a shotgun in his hands pointing it at Eddie! And then…well we don’t know!! Argh they left it on a cliffhanger!

And thus comes a brilliant series with a fantastic script & cast to an end.  Some reviews were rather harsh about the last episode saying there are more questions than answers. Well…not really! You just have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks, which is how I like it really. Uncle Liam is going to be fine because once they do an evaluation they’ll know he’s incapable of murder for example…Why was Mia dressed as a man to check in the hotel? Well no one is gonna know who the blond woman is will they, when the police investigates the neighbourhood. Does it matter we don’t know what those packages are in Eddies’ van? of course not, it’s enough to know Levi shouldn’t be there…etc etc. Like I said not everything needs to be spelled out 😉 Really hope for a second series as it was such an enjoyable ride and it can easily go a lot further. 😀