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First of all would like to say a HUGE thank you to the film producer, the lovely Martin Carr for all his kindness and generosity and all the fun chats we had the past year on twitter! 😀  Really appreciate all the updates throughout the past 12 months on the project and it was a real pleasure to be there at the World Premiere to see Twenty8K on the big screen! 😀

I really had a tremendous fantastic time during the night, and thank you again for the fun-filled after party on the balcony! It was amazing to meet the rest of the cast like the fabulously talented Nichola Burley and Parminder Nagra. 😀 (ps: glad you all liked the Belgian chocolates 😉 ). It was a shame to miss out on the ever positive Nigel Albermaniche who did the sound production, hope to meet up at Nandos next time I’m in London Nigel! ;p And yes it was sad that Jonas Armstrong couldn’t make it , but really had such a good time meeting you all! 😀

Need to thank Martin again for passing me his mobile with Jonas being at the other end… As I posted earlier Jonas was truly utterly gutted not to be able to attend and wanted to apologize to everyone who had come and the entire fanbase. Jonas if you happen to stumble on this… I really hope you feel a bit better about it! Seriously it’s fine , and everyone keeps supporting you so don’t worry!! =D

Thanks a million to all involved, for making it such a special night! From the East End Film Festival to the Twenty8K cast and crew, Siun, and my very dear friend Rieke who without her wouldn’t have been there at all!

*cyberhugs* & Xxxx