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Got more and more requests for an actual review of the film Twenty8k…so I’m willing to give it a go. BUT won’t post my full review til the film gets officially released in cinemas in October as it would just spoil the fun, believe me! 😉

Let’s begin for a start by saying that I’ve been quite a fan of Paul Abbott’s work, years before Jonas Armstrong got involved in either Hit & Miss or indeed Twenty8K. So once I heard Jonas got into two Paul Abbott projects back to back, knew already it was going to very good indeed! 😀 ‘State of Play’ and ‘Exile’ are just two other examples of how fantastic Paul Abbott is in creating either scripts for film or TV. And since we all know by now what a gem Hit & Miss proved to be, had very high hopes for Twenty8K!

And no was certainly not disappointed! If you liked Hit & Miss, you’ll love Twenty8K! I’m not sure how he does it, but every Paul Abbott project has the tendency to grab your attention instantly and make you care for what happens to all of the characters. Twenty8K is most definitely an ensemble piece and the entire cast is just fantastic! The brilliant Parminder Nagra (ER, Alcatraz, Psych) plays the lead character Deeva Jani : who tries to clear her younger brother from the murder he’s been accused of, by doing her own investigation. She’s very feisty, speaks her own mind and is willing to get into all sorts of trouble to get her brother released from prison. She does get some help from an old friend: – ex gang leader – now social youth worker Clint O’ Connor played by the very charismatic  Jonas Armstrong  (Hit & Miss , Prisoners’ Wives, The Street) who is willing to ask some questions within the world of the London Urban gangs.

We really get a good glimpse into this modern day urban gang culture. The supporting characters and cast are just equally amazing: Michael Socha (Being Human) who plays Tony; the very talented Nichola Burley (Streetdance, Jump) who plays Andrea & Gregg Chillin (Inside Men) playing Ricky: shows us the inside dealings and manipulations within the Twenty8K gang. One of the characteristics of a Paul Abbott project is to NEVER  blindly trust what you see. And with Twenty8K it is no different! Throughout the film we get snippets of possible corruptions going on: inside the police with Derek Riddell ( The Field of Blood, Garrow’s Law) who plays DCI Stone, right up to the highest echelons in UK politics. So what is the link between these corruptions and Deeva’s brother you may ask? Ha well you’ll have to go and see for yourselves.:P I won’t divulge the plot here as it contains just too many spoilers. But plenty of twists and turns to keep you all guessing til the very last minutes!

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, bursting with a very talented cast and a very entertaining, exciting and thrilling story. I particularly enjoyed the sparkles of genuine good fun humour during the film. There are some classic quotes in there, just to give it all a bit of a lift between the more darker scenes. Plenty of Kudos to the directors Neil Thompson and David Kew for all the breathtaking helicopter shots of London : they looked absolutely stunning and really added another dimension to the film! I really can’t recommend the movie enough! If you’ve to chance to see it in a town near you come October: please go and watch as I promise you won’t regret it! 😀

Many wanted to know about Jonas in the film… all I can say is that he gave another top-notched performance! Really outstanding work and I hope it will lead to many more exciting projects just like Twenty8K. =D

As I said will write a more full review once movie gets released, as I really would hate to stumble on spoilers myself as it’d ruin the experience. So if you can: stay spoiler free 😉