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It’s only been a few weeks when we had to say goodbye to Mia (Chloë Sevigny) and Ben (Jonas Armstrong) and the kids.  BUT now they’re back already! 😀 Yes Hit and Miss starts to air in the US on DirecTV and its Audience Channel from Wednesday the 11th of July. So to keep an eye on all the new press articles and reviews etc. Will collect them in this post. =D

Disclaimer: all media remains property of Sky Atlantic / AbbottVision/ RedProductionCo & DirecTV. No copyright infringement intended.

Online Sites & Articles

  • DirecTVofficial site
  • SanFranciscoGate.com: touching plot deserves chance
  • BaltimoreSunyou have to love the dare of creating this kind of family drama for television
  • NewYorkTimes: Interview with Paul Abbott
  • Variety.comEven those who don’t get DirecTV might want to hunt down this unorthodox little gem
  • HuffingtonPost“Hit and Miss” is an exercise in measured, deliberate characterization
  • LATimes: every performance here is good
  • WashingtonPost“Hit & Miss” is a sort of “Sound of Music” story without any smiles
  • MiamiHerald: is a painful yet endearing drama about trying to build a family in a landscape blighted by loneliness and rejection.
  • LATimesPaul Abbott aims to push boundaries with ‘Hit & Miss’

Trailers & Video

New Stills & Promo Shots