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With the imminent release of Twenty8K soon upon us (September 10th in select UK cinemas), various online press reviews have started to appear.

Will try my best to collect all the relevant articles and continue to update them in this post! 😀

So far there’s been high praise for the cast ( Parminder Nagra, Jonas Armstrong, Nichola Burley…) as well as the strong script at the hand of Paul Abbott & Jimmy Dowdall. For more info about the film itself visit the official website or visit http://abbottvision.com/twenty8k/

Reviews (**Potential plot Spoilers**)

  • SkyMovies: “Tough drama from the pen of Shameless’s Paul Abbott”
  • ViewLondon: “Twenty8K is an entertaining British thriller that distinguishes itself above the standard geezers-and-gangsters fare, thanks to strong performances, slick photography and a decent script from Paul Abbott. Worth seeing.”
  • FrontRowReviewsTwenty8K :Smart, intricate and downright ballsy, it’s time us Brits had a Tarantino or two! This quite simply is a tribute to modern British cinema.
  • OpenPublication: “Twenty8k, filmed within locations around East London and in at 3 Mills Studios, showcases Britain’s brightest stars and upcoming talent. An honest portrayal into modern day urban gang culture, the cast and supporting cast offer poignant and believable characters, which the audience emphaise with and show us the inside relations and operations within the Twenty8k gang. As with any Paul Abbot masterpiece, the audience has to look beyond the surface to fully understand the depth of both the plot and characterisation.”
  • Cine7: “British thriller, Twenty8k has a couple of angles, not to mention a cast, which lift it out of the ordinary, one of the most intriguing being a screenplay co-written by Paul Abbott.”
  • FameOnline: “Twenty8k. A gang with double the strength of “the hardest and most feared foot soldiers in the world”.Infused with corruption, this thriller unveils the consequences of gang war in which members of the government are the most lethal gang members.”
  • ReluctantGeek: “Twenty8k is a classy piece that mixes harsh almost docu-drama type scenes with exciting shots and a soundtrack that matches the visuals”
  • NijiMagazine: “TWENTY8K features a top-notch urban R&B and Hip Hop soundtrack produced by multi-platinum selling music producer Jake Gosling and film and TV composer Ruth Barrett.”
  • TheGuardian: “There’s a good cast here”
  • ReviewsNow:  “Great stunts, edgy story, fast paced, well acted and well directed.”
  • StudioMagazine: “With lots of twists and turns, this thriller certainly keeps you on your toes.”
  • CineVueDiverting? Absolutely. Entertaining? Certainly 
  • IndieLondonthe film cannot be faulted for ambition or the way in which it seeks to freshen up the British crime thriller.
  • TheHollywoodNews: “Twenty8k is in no way boring. The performances from Nagra, Jonas Armstong, Stephen Dillane, Michael Socha, and Kaya Scodelario are all very enjoyable to watch, the cinematography and direction make for some great visual flourishes, and the original music score, consisting of a mix of both modern urban and full orchestral, is a delight to listen to.”
  • SeenIt: “Jonas Armstrong shows he’s a much better actor than BBC One’s Robin Hood ever suggested.”