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Believe it or not but this weekend we celebrate SIX yes 6 years of fandom! 😀 Robin Hood first aired on the 7th of October on BBC One back in good ol’ 2006; with Jonas Armstrong as the very charming, cheeky medieval hero (2006 – 2009). It was this following preview trailer promoting the series the week before (after Strictly Come Dancing) that got me hooked 😉

So not only do we celebrate the Robin Hood fandom, but also that of Jonas Armstrong! And what an incredible six years it’s been 😀 With projects like ‘The Street‘ and his first feature film ‘Book of Blood‘ to all of the following in 2012: the amazing ‘Prisoners’ Wives‘, the ground-breaking awesome ‘Hit and Miss‘ and the full on original and gritty ‘Twenty8k‘. It really has been tremendous fun to follow Jonas’ career so far, and see the portrayal of all these very different characters. Showcasing his ability to play an emblematic hero, an emotionally haunted soldier returning from Afghanistan, a confused boyfriend finding out his GF is transgender and the occasionally not so good guys… 😉 Really enjoyed watching all of these performances & projects; and it’s great that the fun is set to continue with the latest announcement of ‘All You Need is Kill‘ set to be released in 2014.

Many congratulations & a huge thank you to Jonas for everything during the last six years! Wishing Jonas all the very best with what’s yet to come… 😀

As a little treat, I made a Robin hood wallpaper (or with calendar for October), hope you guys like it! Nikki X