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All you Need is Kill starring Jonas Armstrong as ‘Skinner’ will be released a week earlier: on the 7th of March 2014. Furthermore you’ll be able to watch the movie in 3D (IMAX theatres).

Ok so here’s the thing guys, I get like up to 10 google alerts  a day about All You Need is Kill. But they are all about a certain TC and all the drama in his personal life, enough to make me weep in front of my keyboard at the boredom of it all! Honestly it’s seriously frustrating! 😦  So let’s hope Warner Bros. releases some genuine great info soon, like oh I don’t know…the background story of some of the other characters in the movie bar Mr. TC maybe?*sigh*

Update 24/11

Ok still no mention of Jonas but I do find all those army tanks in front of the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square quite interesting! (on set pics)