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hit-and-miss-icon The brilliant Hit and Miss is making a splash in France as it just started airing on Canal Plus. Previews and reviews of the series and its first episode have been very positive indeed! Lots of praise has been given to the talented cast (Chloë Sevigny as Mia) as well as how the plot is slowly being build up and the way it was filmed and directed.

Being Belgian and brought up bilingual (Dutch – French) helps of course immensely in order to follow it all up on how the series is doing in France and checking its impact on the audience. So I’ve decided to keep track of the online articles and post them here, as well as for all the many French Jonas Armstrong fans that visit the blog. J’ espère vraiment que vous allez adorer cette série culte! 😀

Previews & Reviews

  •  5 reasons why you should watch Hit & Miss: Chloë Sevigny met Canal Plus en transe avec Hit and Miss (evene.fr)
  • Get to know Mia: trailer et vidéo (HuffingtonPost.fr)
  • A hypnotic new seriesPortée par une Chloë Sevigny au top, Hit and Miss pose la question du genre avec beaucoup de style  (Les Inrocks.com)
  • Great screenplaysi vous aimez les scénarios qui se développent doucement, la psychologie et les beaux paysages de la campagne anglaise, vous deviendrez vite client de Hit & Miss (LeMediateaseur.fr)


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