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walking icon Just a couple of updates on Jonas Armstrong’s projects in this post.

Filming has wrapped last weekend on All You Need is Kill and it has now gone into post-production. Sadly there’s still zero concrete info on Jonas’s character ‘Skinner’, let alone releases of on set pics or promo images of any kind, unlike loads of Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in character filming in London… So we’ll just have to wait closer to release date I’d guess before we learn more. Speaking of release dates: Belgium (YAY! :D) will be able to see the film in cinemas ahead of the UK and US as it’s set to be released on the 5th of March 2014! This is quite a milestone really lol, always wondered if I’d ever be able to see Jonas in a film, playing in my local cinema and now I will! 😀

Second update in this post is about Walking with the Enemy. Filming re-shoots is starting on Monday the 18th of March in Romania. As I mentioned below, they’ve added new members to the cast! Sir Ben Kingsley I already mentioned, and now Burn Gorman  (if you watch Revenge (ABC) you’ll know him as a member of the Initiative 😉 ) is also playing along! No idea still if Jonas needs to head back to Romania for extra scenes or not… But do wish the entire cast & team loads of fun while filming! 😀 Now while they are doing re-shoots, they are also continuing test screening of the movie, so hopefully this means that not that much needs improving upon. Will keep fingers crossed that all goes well and that we get to see it before 2013 ends.

Third and lastly have to mention Prisoners’ Wives as Series 2 started last week on BBC One. Yes Jonas Armstrong may not appear in it anymore but please do watch it! The first episode was absolutely brilliant and instead of Jonas – his Hit and Miss co star Karla Crome has taken his place. 😉