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jonas t4 icon Well apparently all is indeed going rather swimmingly! As mentioned below Jonas Armstrong is indeed confirmed filming BBC One new project The Whale together with Robin Hood co-star Joe Armstrong (again peeps NOT related!) Hurray! 😀

They’re filming it as we speak in beautiful warm sunny Malta with blue skies, blue sea…yep not at all jealous lads! 😉 Filming is scheduled to last for about 5 weeks if all goes hunky dory! (sorry but double dose of fishy news this week with Pixar’s Finding Dory and now The Whale – kinda exited! LOL 😀 ).

Anyways so one of the members of the cast is tweeting about it all so you can just follow @OfficialJassa to keep up to date (apparently today was rowing training)

Will keep you all updated once BBC releases an official Press release with more concrete information about characters and more importantly when it will air!

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