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hit-and-miss-icon So according to my stats you lot have viewed the Soundtrack song list for Hit and Miss over 30.000 times since last year! 😀

AbbottVision is doing some Q & A days over on twitter so if you’ve any questions about either Hit & Miss,Twenty8k or any of their other fabulous projects just tweet your questions to @AbbottVision with the #abquestions and they’ll reply to every single one! 😀

As I still get lots of messages and queries about the soundtrack (Where can we download it? Is it availbale on iTunes? Where to find the instrumental score?) I asked them today and AbbottVision will kindly look into how to provide the score from Dickon Hinchliffe! In meantime they passed me the following Spotify link where you can have a listen and of course also download all the commercially available songs that played during the episodes (UK):