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jonas t4 icon I think it was quite well known that Malta and its islands has been used as an ideal filming location for multiple historic or sea-swashbuckling movies and TV series.

In order to promote the Island even more, yesterday one of its Ministers visited the set of BBC’s The Whale which stars Jonas Armstrong as Owen Chase, to chat with the cast & crew and ask how it was all going. 😀

You can watch a VIDEO of the visit here:(not in English)

The Whale cast & crew


Text version of what is being implied: http://gozonews.com/38368/minister-mallia-vists-film-studies-for-production-of-the-whale/


The Whale is the real story that inspired the classic novel Moby Dick, and is one of history’s greatest stories of survival at sea. The film follows the ill-fated voyage of The Essex through the eyes of the cabin boy Thomas Nickerson who, at 14, was the youngest member of the crew and one of only eight survivors of the shipwreck.

This is an action-packed narrative in which against all odds Nickerson comes through the worst that nature can throw at him, growing up fast in the process. He faces the destructive force of sea-storms, the power of whales, the brutal desolation of the sun and sea after the shipwreck, and finally the grim realities of cannibalism as his only means of survival.

At its emotional heart is Nickerson’s coming-of-age, where, as an orphan, he is confronted by three powerful male role models – the captain, the first mate, and a black steward. As our narrative develops his views on what makes a man switches dramatically as he sees how these role model respond under some of life’s most extreme pressures.

The Producers: “Throughout we explore some universal themes – What is Man’s place on Earth? How does humanity relate to the planet and its creatures? And what lengths will Man go to in order to survive. Woven within our story is a vivid depiction of the 19th century whaling industry, its importance to the world in an age before petroleum, the reality of its economics and operation, and the life and society of the sperm whale itself, one of the ocean’s greatest creatures” 

– This is very good as was hoping like I wrote in my article about whaling (Room for Debate?) that they’d focus on the history of the industry so that we can put this into the larger context. Fingers crossed Discovery will do a piece about modern whaling today to open up the debate!