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aynik icon1According to reports: Warner Bros. decided to push back the release date of All You Need is Kill from March to the 6th of June 2014. (perhaps 30th of May depending where you live)

The Sci -Fi epic action blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Jonas Armstrong will now be added to the summer schedule which is rather cool! 😀

Though it has to be said, Warner Bros. does make a habit of changing release dates…I’m sure fellow Harry Potter fans will know what I’m on about. 😉

I just hope this doesn’t mean we’ve to wait 3 months longer to get the first stills or any other promo material, or why not a confirmation & info on Jonas Armstrong’s character name ‘Skinner’? Ahem yeah that last one would be a good start. It’s just that when you check in on imdb, you actually get names and ranks of the extras, instead of some of the main actors which is a bit annoying.