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jonas t4 icon I thought I’d wait to post about new BBC series Poldark until casting was officially confirmed, but as the articles keeps on flooding  my google alert inbox…

So what is the news?

The BBC have decided to remake the 1970’s series Poldark for a new audience, based on the saga novels by Winston Graham set in late 18th century Cornwall.

From the BBC press release:

 Ross Poldark returns home from war, looking forward to a joyful reunion with his family and his beloved Elizabeth. Instead he discovers his father has died, his home is overrun by livestock and drunken servants, and Elizabeth, believing Ross dead, is engaged to his cousin. Ross must start from scratch, forging a completely new path for his life – one that takes him in exciting, unexpected and hazardous directions.

At this point the BBC and the production company Mammoth Screen (Endeavour, Parade’s End) are deciding who will play the lead Ross Poldark and several names keep on popping up: Eddie Redmayne, Matt Smith, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jonas Armstrong, Colin Morgan,… So it’s like a battle between Robin Hood vs Merlin vs DoctorWho 😉

Now to be honest they are all fantastic talented actors but since all the other fanbases are trooping support for their ‘leading man’ wouldn’t be quite right if we didn’t as well. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for Jonas to get the part! 😀

I know Jonas just wrapped on The Whale, a non – fiction story set in 1820’s. But it would be fantastic so see him play in a historical drama again. I’m not familiar with Poldark but from the synopsis it reads like the Count of Monte Christo (could be entirely wrong!) not sure if revenge is involved at all but the romance aspect of it is very similar.

Anyways we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer to know the what, where and when and most importantly who?