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aynik icon1 As July is fast approaching it will be very interesting to find out what Warner.Bros has planned at Comic – Con 2013.

The yearly event takes place between the 18th & 21st of July in San Diego, and has always been a favourite place by TV  and film Studios alike to showcase what’s in store between late 2013 and 2014.

It will be up to Warner Bros. to decide if they’ll include All You Need is Kill (Tom Cruise, Jonas Armstrong, Emily Blunt) in their pictures’ panel. It would make sense to show a preview clip and trailer as the Sci-Fi / Action blockbuster fits the Comic – Con crowd. Also has to be said that the film is being highly anticipated by many Sci-Fi fans, and say what you will but Oblivion was a massive box office hit! I hope the change in release date from March to June 2014 won’t affect their decision.

You can expect more news, official confirmation of the schedules, guests and panels in June. As always with these type of events, the schedule is not set in stone so expect many tweaks right up to the dates!