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twenty8kicon Summer has well and truly started! Hope everyone will be able to enjoy a bit of sunshine this month. 😀 Sorry about the lack of recent posts, but truth is that there was absolutely nothing to update on…

Best bet will hopefully be a trailer or scene in which Jonas will appear in during the San Diego Comic-Con with All You Need is Kill. Still waiting on any news coming from Walking with the Enemy, either a finalized trailer or new behind the scenes shots would be really good!

The Whale starring Jonas Armstrong as Owen Chase will possibly air in November on BBC One. That’s the only ‘rumour – news’ I can actually pass on at the moment.

However it would be really great if you could visit the updated website of TigerAspect, production company behind Robin Hood and Prisoners’ Wives!

So July… it had to be Paul Abbott’s Twenty8k! Been one year since the premiere in London so have to celebrate that! 😀

It’s a great urban gritty thriller with Parminder Nagra and Jonas Armstrong, so if you’ve missed it in 2012, the DVD and Blu-Ray is still available to buy as is via iTunes as well!